Updated Pie


There’s nothing better than pie and since today is officially 3.14, I’m happy to share a small project I’ve been working on. This mobile web application loads candidate data from the local Supervisor of Election’s office website and parses it into an interesting visual representation (because pie charts).

Always Up-To-Date

The app uses data directly from the Supervisor of Election’s candidate financial reports so that what you see is the most update information. Pies and instant gratification are always best.


It is modular, which means that it only takes a few minutes to change a few variables on the back-end to produce new results for a different set of candidates. Infact, it took 25 mins. to setup another project with different candidates. Sweet (like apple pie)!


Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 8.52.19 PMIt’s responsive! Check it out on your mobile phone, tablet, and desktop (or just resize your browser window up and down).

Check It Out

Technical Mambo-Jumbo

The goal of this project was to share a financial summary for local candidates that demonstrated more transparently where their money came from.

I built this project in about 48 hours with the intent to make it modular so that it could be reused for other candidates. On the back-end, I used OOP PHP to manage the data set and CodeIgniter’s PHP framework to render the application using MVC. For a responsive front-end I used the Twitter Bootstratp framework and jQuery to render and load the page.

Tell me what you think of it in the comments or tweet me @skhot!