Storytelling: Cream and 2 Sugars Podcast

I am a passionate storyteller and collaborator for building products that build community. That’s why I collaborate to produce a podcast, called Cream and 2 Sugars. The podcast humanizes the story of local entertainers and provides open advice to would-be entertainers in our community, myself included.

I use storytelling with technology and leadership teams I work with too! More often I find myself telling the stories of how teams have built meaningful applications and business value for clients. Sometimes, too, I tell stories about how customers are disappointed with their experience in both digital and physical applications.

On the podcast, we explored the topics of charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent for local entertainers and made real connections through that collaboration. Cream and 2 Sugars captivate a community of people around those topics, creating empathy for entertainers, and shares discoveries that other entertainers can learn from.

The impact storytelling has on teams and products speak directly to my passions and I believe deeply in the mission.