Vote Thomas Hawkins

2010 This project focused on 3 goals: Donate, Volunteer, and Vote.  Taking advantage of social media (Twitter and Facebook), it kept interested users informed and was minimal in design. Targeted email campaigns, custom donation landing pages, and web Analytics analysis convinced potiential campaign donors to take real-time action producing approximately $10,000 in online donations.

Rick Nesbit Campaign

2010 An exciting campaign website that took advantage of many features like Facebook Like, newsletter signup, and customized donation landing pages for email marketing. Combined targeted email marketing, A/B tested donation landing pages with video, and web Analytics analysis produced approximately $14,000 in online donations.

Craig Lowe Campaign

2010 This project was a labor of love. It was based on WordPress CMS to allow campaign staff to update the site at a moment’s notice. It included a donation feature that connected the campaign with donors all over the country and a custom Facebook Application that allowed users to add different “Support Craig Lowe” […]