No #Rupology

iphone-qt-demoIt’s time I came clean. I love RuPaul’s Drag Race. Call it a guilty pleasure, an experiment in crass, or a hilarious, double entendre, eleganza extravaganza! Call it what you want. (You can be critical, it’s part of the game.) Two things, I wanted to know how other people were reacting to the TV show and which drag queen made the biggest impression.

So, the weekend warrior that I am, I built a mobile web application so I could keep track of how popular my favorite queens are and what people are saying about them on Twitter.

I took advantage of some cool things like Twitter’s Stream API, their Bootstrap front-end framework, and a dirty mix of JavaScript/jQuery.

The raw twitter stream is uploaded into a MySQL database, parsed, and organized. Tiny PHP class files get the data and share it with JavaScript via encoded JSON object arrays that are then spat out into a unique, responsive user interface spiced with RuPaul catch phrases that makes its purpose clear: “Who is the Twitter Queen, Hunty?”

Well, I am! Maybe not, but I’m proud of the effort that went into this little weekend project and would do it again for all my favorite shows if I had the time.

Try it on you smart phone, tablet, and desktop. Enjoy and tell me what you think of it in the comments or tweet me @skhot!