Minimum Lovable Product

Build what people love and the rest will follow. When collaboration happens around what people love it because sellable and doable. That’s why I like to share the idea of a Minimum Lovable Product (MLP) every chance I get in my role as a coach.

Human-Centered Design revolves around solving user’s challenges. IDEO, a well respected, global design company, explains that Design Thinking teaches everyone to be designers (even developers). This is important! When members of a cross-functional team can empathize they all begin to solve for their user’s needs. No longer is the task just about handoffs, everyone has a stake in making the solution the best it can be.

I believe that focusing a team around a common problem and getting out of their way produces positive and unexpected results. Keeping it lean, means focus the teams on the minimal amount of work from everyone to get to something loveable. This is a Minimal Lovable Product. Not only are user challenges solved in record time and with less time and money but the process identifies emerging leaders.\