Craigslist Case Study Users


Dealerships and individual sellers want it to be easy to complete posts. Both also want their product (or service) to sell. Some dealerships also sell their products on other services or do not use Craigslist at all. Competition analysis will illuminate common shortfalls of Craigslist and provide insight into seller features.

Dealerships want to post automobiles in large volumes. Sometimes dealerships have a spreadsheet of their inventory.

Sellers will not post on Craigslist if buyers do not have confidence in their products. Buyers want confidence in the products Craigslist has listed.


This Venn diagram shows the relationship between, buyers, and sellers. It emphasizes how the requirements for Craigslist’s target audience (sellers) are dictated by the needs of another target audience (buyers).


Buyers are an indirect target user and their needs must also be considered to improve the Craigslist Seller experience.

Craigslist needs to create the easiest way for sellers to post their products and services while instilling confidence in buyer about seller’s product or service.

Craigslist must provide an easy-to-use process for dealerships to upload a complete list of the inventory they wish to sell.


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