Craigslist Case Study Usability


  • User must navigate several pages before starting post.
  • Colorblind users will have difficulty distinguishing what fields are required.
  • User may not understand that green fields indicate required fields.
  • Users may have to navigate several pages after they finish their post.
  • Breadcrumbs only provide a link back to the start page.
  • Fields have little spacing between them.
  • Some messages appear out of context and are redundant (ex: “your posting willexpire from the site in 45 days”).
  • Publish and Completed screen are heavy in text and difficult to read.
  • There are no features for mobile devices.

This screenshot shows how required fields are indicated with colored text and outlines that may not be obvious to all users.



  • Reduce the number of pages loads required before and after posting.
  • Use other visual cues (other than color) to indicate required and error fields.
  • Place all messages in context.
  • Simplify publish and complete pages.
  • Require all users to have an account but preserve anonymity.