Content Gold


Over the last few years, I’ve worked with groups and individuals who love the pretty things on the web. Pretty things come from good content and I find myself talking about a content strategy with the folks I work with a lot. The real priority is content.

Content gold is the inspiration for everything that comes after:

  • interesting ways to share content
  • interesting ways to highlight important parts
  • interesting ways of organizing content
  • interesting ways to lay it out

“The fact is that users come for the content, not the design. Content is by far the most important element in user interface design. A webpage with a simple structure but quality content performs much better on usability tests than a nice layout with subpar text.”Myth #19: You don’t need the content to design a website

Most importantly, good content is the difference between action and inaction, dollars and cents. One of the best examples I have in my portfolio is the Rick Nesbit Campaign, his team created a TV ad that became central to his brand and produced a significant number of online contributions for his campaign. The content evoked an emotional response from users that compelled them to make a donation and share the content with others. Without it, the page would have just been another drab donation page that most people wouldn’t think twice about.

Custom Donate Landing Page

Custom Donate Landing Page

Helpful Resources

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