Lean Feedback Loop

Experience Design (and many other things in this world) in a vacuum takes good ideas down fast! We’ve all been there before, you have a great idea and you want to protect the integrity of that idea. It is a well-intentioned and noble pursuit. You might even imagine yourself a hero. The problem is, statistically, […]

Minimum Lovable Product

Build what people love and the rest will follow. When collaboration happens around what people love it because sellable and doable. That’s why I like to share the idea of a Minimum Lovable Product (MLP) every chance I get in my role as a coach. Human-Centered Design revolves around solving user’s challenges. IDEO, a well […]

Innovation Factory

Sometimes it happens, product improvements take a back seat to first-to-market priorities. But, being first-to-market doesn’t have to mean that products can’t be improved at the same time. Sometimes, organizations and teams have challenges recognizing improvement priorities and making room for product improvements for their users. Not only does it let the users down but […]

Storytelling: Cream and 2 Sugars Podcast

I am a passionate storyteller and collaborator for building products that build community. That’s why I collaborate to produce a podcast, called Cream and 2 Sugars. The podcast humanizes the story of local entertainers and provides open advice to would-be entertainers in our community, myself included. I use storytelling with technology and leadership teams I […]

Inspiration and Focus for 2015 [Quotes]

Happy New Year! Here is a great list of quotes to carry into 2015. I’ve been living the first one at work. Einstein is our team mascot. We drew some whiteboard inspiration to help us solve new challenges. @MindtreeFlorida pic.twitter.com/vWTy7s9UhV — Scott Purcell (@skhot) November 19, 2014 If you always do what you always did, you […]

Updated Pie

There’s nothing better than pie and since today is officially 3.14, I’m happy to share a small project I’ve been working on. This mobile web application loads candidate data from the local Supervisor of Election’s office website and parses it into an interesting visual representation (because pie charts).

No #Rupology

It’s time I came clean. I love RuPaul’s Drag Race. Call it a guilty pleasure, an experiment in crass, or a hilarious, double entendre, eleganza extravaganza! Call it what you want. (You can be critical, it’s part of the game.) Two things, I wanted to know how other people were reacting to the TV show […]

A Better Craigslist

On Monday this week, Mashable talked about “Why the Web Hasn’t Birthed a Prettier Craigslist” and it reminded me about a project I completed a few months ago. In my pursuit of user experience happiness, I completed a Heuristic Analysis of Craigslist’s “cars+trucks” section and built some wireframes.

Happy VDay!

I’m all about the buttons and I love how we click! I match user goals with business goals to accomplished real-time results. I have focused experience with political campaigns and higher education. In two years (2009 – 2011), I helped 5 local political campaigns raise over $45,000 in online donations.

Beyonce and Ray Lewis

It’s Super Bowl Sunday! This morning I did my typical Sunday morning waking up late routine, but this is no ordinary Sunday. It’s Super Bowl Sunday! I’m planning to make a trip to the grocery store to pick up bacon and tater tots for some tasty Bacon-Wrapped Tater Tots and I need to decide what […]